RICCO DERUTA DELUXE: Flared Drinking Cup Mug

Size: 3.75 DIAM.X 4 HIGH (BOTTOM 2.75 DIAM.) - 11 OZ

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100% Authentic - Original - Hand Painted in Italy!
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Artistica's depiction of the traditional Ricco Deruta, is the true original version of the most celebrated Deruta’s design, which traces its origins to the sixteenth century Raffaello's and Perugino's frescos. The Ricco Deruta is Deruta's most renowned design featuring colors such as royal blue, yellow gold, and emerald green, all traditional renaissance era colors that bring royal elegance to your table.
Our Ricco Deruta Deluxe collection features authentic hand painted top of the line quality products, created using the original designs and patterns.
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Size: 3.75" DIAM. X 4" HIGH (BOTTOM 2.75 DIAM.) - 11 OZ