MAJOLICA TOSCANA: Orcio Urn ~ Limoni Fondo Blue Design

Size: 16" DIAM. X 21" HIGH (18" WIDE with Handles)
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100% Authentic - Original - Hand Painted in Italy!
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MAJOLICA TOSCANA: Combining unique Tuscan vessels with traditional renaissance hand painted scrollwork's in trendy colors.
These beautifully executed products were created using the Ingobbio technique which is the antique Tuscan process that imparts an Old World look while adding body to the color.
In the renaissance era, these masterfully hand painted vessels, were exchanged as gifts among the noble families as they were often commissioned to depict a family member and also exchanged in special occasions between lovers for wedding or anniversary occasions.

Size: 16" DIAM. X 21" HIGH (18" WIDE with Handles)

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