Here the most beautiful hand painted Indoor-Outdoor ceramic tables!
Our the traditional Deruta Ceramic Stone Tables are definitely the best quality on the market!
Masterfully hand painted with exquisite taste, amusing designs and gorgeous hand forged iron bases!
At Artistica we proudly offer Italian hand painted stone tables, created from carefully selected slabs of volcanic stone thoroughly selected, refined from impurities and finishes throughout a double fired process. The non-porous stone is both frost and heat resistant therefore ideal for indoor or outdoor use.
The volcanic stone is an extremely tough material, much stronger than regular ceramic and rendering beautiful colors guaranteed not to wear down and guaranteed to last a lifetime.
The over 2,000° F. kiln firing, assure a perfectly sealed glazing, making the tabletop durable, 100% food safe and very easy to clean.
Matching wrought iron chairs and benches available for all tables.

All tables are available in the following sizes:
Standard sizes

ROUND: 31", 39", 47", 59"  -  SQUARE 28", 39", 55"  - OVAL-OBLONG 59"X35", 71"X39"  -  RECTANGULAR 59"X35", 71"X35"
Extra Large Sizes
ROUND: 71" (4 Sections) Seat 8/10  -  98" (4 Sections) Seat 10/12 - 118" (4 Sections) Seat 14
SQUARE: 65" (2-Sections) Seat 12  -  74" (2-Sections) Seat 16

RECTANGULAR: LARGE 98"X47" (2-Sections) Seat 10  -  EXTRA LG. 118"X51" (3-Sections) Seat 12  -  HUGE 210"X60" (5-Sections) Seat 16/18
OVAL-OBLONG 98"X47" (2-Sections) Seat 10  -  118"X51" (3-Sections) Seat 12  -  165"X60" (4-Sections) Seat 14/16

All tables have the same standard size/height of 30 Inches.
All table shown here below are priced with the Wrought Iron base included.

Shipped fully insured to safely arrive to destination.

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