LIMONCELLO: Limoncello Set with Blue trimmings (Bottle with stopper and Tray and 6 Shot Glasses)

Size: BOTTLE=4X 3X 10" HIGH (19 OZ.) TRAY=9" DIAM. CUPS=2" HIGH (1.5 OZ.)

AVAILABLE - We currently have 14 in stock.
100% Authentic - Original - Hand Painted in Italy!

LIMONCELLO: If you have ever visited Italy, you'll instantly know about Limoncello.
For the uninitiated, this lemon liqueur is rapidly gaining popularity in the U.S. for its sweet lemon flavor without the usual sourness of lemon juice and it's a wonderful palate cleanser or after dinner drink.

This refreshing design with its off-white background has plenty of greenery to set off the spark of yellow from the lemons.
Serve it straight from the freezer and use this masterfully hand painted decanter, cups and serving tray for a wonderful finish to a meal.
Size: BOTTLE=4"X 3"X 10" HIGH (19 OZ.) TRAY=9" DIAM. CUPS=2" HIGH (1.5 OZ.)