EXCELSIOR: Deruta Amphorae XVI Century blue roses (1 6)

Size: 19x24"H.

EXCELSIOR HOME: Our new Excelsior Home collection features exclusive high-end products, painstakingly gathered from small artisan shops in Deruta (Umbria) and Tuscany.

Many of these products are 'One of a Kind' masterpieces created in small workshops by skilled artists, the products featured in this collection, are the best exemplary pieces of true Italian Majolica products, original masterpieces with a very limited production.
Their scarcity is due by the fact that these masterworks are exclusively hand painted by the maestro of each workshop, additionally, the intricate clay bisques are wheel-thrown,
molded by master potters from separate factories.
These are precious heirlooms to be passed down from one generation to another.

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