CRYSTAL CANDLES: Unscented soy candle in crystal cup GOLD and PLATINUM -

CRYSTAL CANDLES: Unscented soy candle in crystal cup GOLD and PLATINUM hand decorated.

Size: 4" DIAM. X 3.75" HIGH (8 OZ.)
AVAILABLE - We currently have 19 in stock.
100% Authentic - Hand Painted in Italy!

Unscented Crystal Candle for dining table.
Unscented candles are best for decorating the dining table as they do not clash with the aroma of your meals.

- Eco-friendly and non toxic Soy Wax - Hand brush decorated with pure Gold and Platinum - Collectible and Reusable Crystal Cup - Size: 4" Diam. x 3.75" High (8 Oz.) - Custom luxury box packaging - Long burn time: Approx. 50+ Hours - Shipped with Quality Seal and Certificate of Authenticity - Available only unscented. - Refill available.

The candle burns away, the art piece stays!
Burn the candle then, enjoy the charming fully functional and multi-purpose keepsake cup.
Add a charming touch to your dinner table with Artistica's exclusive precious crystal candles and unscented candles might be your best bet for all around use.

Each Artistica's Crystal Candle is handcrafted and hand painted in Montelupo and Empoli, two towns renown for their glass and crystal making, located in the outskirts of Florence-Tuscany.

Brush decorated in pure Gold, Silver and Platinum; kiln fired at high temperature for a lifetime brilliancy and durability.
Florentine glass and crystal has been renown for its unique beauty and masterful workmanship by highly skilled artisans, that literally from centuries create exceptional works of art!

Our Crystal Candle products are presented in stylish packaging and accompanied by certificate and seal of authenticity. - HAND PAINTED IN ITALY - WAX POURED IN THE USA -

Size: 4" DIAM. X 3.75" HIGH (8 OZ.)

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