ART-PEN: Handcrafted Luxury Twist Pen - Ricco Deruta Design - Antique Pewter with Marble Acrylic Midnight body

Size: Parker Style Refill available any office supply store.

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100% Authentic - Original - Hand Painted in Italy!
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Ricco Deruta Pen

Capture the formal opulence of the quintessential Ricco Deruta design replicated on this extravagant and elaborately designed pen.

This striking pen incorporates a profusion of intricately cast decorative traditional Deruta's motifs including scrolling foliage, garlands and flowers as decoration.
The bands feature a stylized acanthus leaf design further showcasing inspiration from the Renaissance era.
Available in four finishes: Antique Brass, Antique Pewter, Gun Metal and a striking 24Kt Gold Plated. Each metal finish perfectly matched with wood, true-stone or acrylic body for a outstanding finish product!
The Antique Brass and Pewter finishes feature an old-world patina look to simulate the sophisticated sheen of timeworn metal.
The pen has a bit of heft and provides a substantial writing feel.
Features a Parker style refill for smooth writing performance.
Presented in an elegant Art-Pen gold branded cardboard black box.
Made in the USA

Size: Parker Style Refill available any office supply store.