Delfino MajolicaThe Majolica Delfino is the luxurious depiction of a Bacchus legend...
A new, rich and exclusive Artistica pattern that define the genuine Tuscan look, masterfully hand-painted by Tuscan artisans, with festive color combinations and fascinating shapes.
The crest depicted in the middle of each product feature an allegorical Delfino (Dolphin) that traces his history to the mythological goddess Dionysus also known as Bacchus which discovered the methods of culturing the vine and extracting and fermenting its juice.
Legend has it that Dionysus was abducted by Tyrrhenian pirates, who mistook him for the son of a rich king and expected a heavy ransom. They carried him aboard their ship and attempted to bind him with ropes; but the knots untied themselves and the ropes fell to the deck.
Each piece is hand-finished with our exclusive “Old-World” patina, to further emphasize the look of a genuine antique.
These items are fully glazed inside and out; they hold water and are great for arranging flowers.
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