Introducing the first and only Ricco Deruta roller ball ceramic pen! -

March 28, 2017 2 min read

From an old idea and a long project development here the first Deruta style pen from our new division Art-Pen. A true exclusive item, fully designed by our very own Artistica team and the very first Ricco Deruta Porcelain-Ceramic pen ever!

We have opted to begin with a classic Roller Ball pen but beautiful Fountain Pens are on their way along with a sister pen in another Deruta's classic: Raffaellesco design.

Our new Ricco Deruta roller ball pen feature a sophisticated and elegant European design created and exclusively manufactured by Artistica in the traditional Deruta vibrant colors that shimmer in your hand.
A robust and high quality pen made of ceramic and metal with a thin 0.5 mm roller ball for a smooth writing performance.
Featuring a sensitive built-in spring action, that offers a responsive touch tip for a uniquely comfortable writing.

ArtPenHere below the most important characteristics of this pen:

● Perfectly fitted click-off cap.
● Sturdy ceramic porcelain body.
● Fired silk screened design with a lifetime guaranteed.
● Long lasting replaceable ink refill cartridge 4.39'' length (110.6 mm).
● Lifetime warranty included against any type of damage, body or mechanical.
● High quality components assembled with uncompromising craftsmanship.
● Lustrous chrome plated gripping section incised with a crisscross subtle line pattern for a secure and firm hold.
● Original Artistica Roller-ball ink refills available here below, in 0.5mm fine point and 0.7 mm medium point or use your favorite branded refill as the pen accept any standard 110.6 mm refills.
● Measurements. Total length: 5.5'' (142 mm) – Body: 1/2'' Diameter (13 mm) – Weight: 1.5 Oz.
● Sold with draw string black velvet pouch. Optional leatherette case available.

Shop for the new Art-Pen HERE

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