VENEZIA: Flat Bowl centerpiece

Size: 20"W.X 17" DIAM. X 6" HIGH

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100% Authentic - Original - Hand Painted in Italy!
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MAJOLICA VENEZIA Collection: A superb Venetian pattern masterfully hand painted in Tuscany.
This rich and Tuscan collection, feature an intricate design which trace its origin from Venice medieval era.
The fabulous scrollwork depicted in these products is fully hand painted and inspired by original works of art that in the XV and XVI centuries were commissioned to master artisans by Venetians noble families.
Renaissance era Venetian ceramists were superb craftsmen capable to produce excellent ceramic masterpieces with every type of ceramic product: majolica, porcelain and earthenware.
Size: 20"W.X 17" DIAM. X 6" HIGH

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