TUSCAN LAMP: Xtra Large with applied artwork

Size: 14"D.x17"H.

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Artistica's lamps are fully hand made in Tuscany-Italy.
Our Lamp collection features a truly unique selection in various decors: from the masterfully hand painted in the most exquisite Tuscan designs, to the ones in our exclusive Scavo rustic look.

Lamp Shades:Although we show some pictures with shades, our lamps are shipped WITHOUT any lamp shade.
The lamp shade type, shape and color is subject to specific home decor and obviously to a personal taste and we rather leave the choice to you or your personal decorator.
Furthermore, lamp shades are easily attainable about anywhere; you may find the stores near you at:, simply enter 'Lamp Shade in (your city)'.

Should you like to shop on the internet, here below some web site that have a great assortment:
Lamp Shade Fitter:
Please note that all our lamps are shipped to be fitted with a 'Type UNO' lamp shades, this is one of the many types of lamp shade fitter available in the market, but really you can use about any lamp shade with the traditional 'Harp' brass fitting, simply using a brass ' UNO'  adapter that fits directly over a table lamp socket, the harp is then attached to it. (See picture below)

UNO Adapter
Lamp Shade with 'UNO' fitting
(Click pictures to enlarge view)

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