SCAVO RIGATA: Centerpiece Bowl -

SCAVO RIGATA: Centerpiece Bowl

Size: 18" DIAM. X 6" HIGH
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100% Authentic - Ceramic Hand Painted in Italy!

Introducing our all new Scavo Rigata collection featuring fully hand thrown cachepot vases accented with bass-relief volute renaissance design reproduced by our master Tuscan artisans!
Artistica's Scavo look and finish is renown in our industry as the most realistic, even the experts will have to look twice to recognize the antiqued glazing imparted by the new ceramic technique used on this new collection as each piece is hand-finished, intentionally distressed to achieve the well-used look of a much older piece.
Fully glazed inside and out, they hold water and are great for arranging flowers or as tabletop.

Size: 18" DIAM. X 6" HIGH

SKU#: 7804/45-GIL