SCAVO CLASSICO: The perfect Cachepot Planter! Two Lion Heads+Rings ANT -

SCAVO CLASSICO: The perfect Cachepot Planter! Two Lion Heads+Rings ANTIQUE MARTELLATO WHITE

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100% Authentic - Ceramic Hand Painted in Italy!

SCAVO CLASSICO: Combining simplicity and elegance for your home and Garden...
In the Renaissance era, when colored glazes were produced by introducing a variety of minerals into the clay (such as iron oxide for green, ferric oxide for yellows and browns), green and yellow were the most popular tones, because these pigments were the most easily attainable.
The Scavo Collection (excavation) products are manufactured to express the simplicity of the everyday pottery used in the Renaissance time.
Perhaps the most important feature of our 'Scavo' collection is the unique, heavily distressed look created by stained paint and uneven glazing.
Particular research and attention was paid to reproducing the shapes of this collection.
All are derivatives or exact copies of vessels found in medieval history books. Each piece is then hand-finished with our exclusive 'Old-World' patina, to further emphasize the look of a genuine antique.
Fully glazed inside and out, they hold water and are great for arranging flowers, but they are manufactured 'For Decorative Purposes Only'.
Size: 13" DIAM. X 10.5" HIGH

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