ROOSTER OF FORTUNE: Fighting Colored Rooster Looking Down - (Large) 28"H

Size: 18" Wide X 28" HIGH (About 8" Deep)

One of our most popular and dramatic pieces, this handcrafted and authentic Italian ceramic rooster will add vibrancy to any room in your home.  A great way to add a dramatic conversation piece to your own home décor or give as a gift. Handpainted in Italy by master Italian artisans.

ROOSTER OF FORTUNE: This is a genuine Italian hand-made and fully hand-painted rooster! Featuring brilliant shades of colors and distinctive clay details.

The Rooster of Fortune Myth:
In the pre-dawn hours of a day in 1516, Giuliano de Medici, a powerful Florentine patriarch, was woken early by a rooster crowing.
This irritant was actually a blessing in disguise, because the raucous sounds saved him from an assassination attempt.
Ever since then, the rooster has symbolized blessings, prosperity and well being to Italians.
Size: 18" Wide X 28" HIGH (About 8" Deep)