PALIO DI SIENA: TARTUCA (Tortoise) Mug (10 OZ) -

PALIO DI SIENA: TARTUCA (Tortoise) Mug (10 OZ)

SKU#: 2015-SIE
Size: 10 OZ. (4" HIGH)
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100% Authentic - Ceramic Hand Painted in Italy!

The 'Palio di Siena' is a tournament as a replica of a medieval horse race which is ran twice year, during the summer season, in the city of Siena, located in the beautiful Tuscany region.

The race takes its name 'Palio' from the Italian word which means 'banner'.
The richly decorated Palio Banner is the prize given to the winning 'Contrada' (District) of the race.
Seventeen are the Palio's 'Contrada' that compete against each other twice a year in the months of July and August and each one has a distinctive Insignia.
We offer original Palio's Wall Plates, Chargers, Dinner Plates and Coffee Mugs depicting all seventeen 'Contrada' insignias.
Each Palio's item is duly marked under glaze with the Palio di Siena Consortium logo as the official entity that authorizes and supervises production of Palio's related merchandise.
Size: 10 OZ. (4" HIGH)