NUOVA TOSCANA: Limoni Design - Flower Cachepot (Large)

Size: 14" DIAM. X 8" HIGH
We can drill a bottom drainage hole upon request - Write a note it upon check out. Drilled vases are not returnable.

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100% Authentic - Original - Hand Painted in Italy!
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Introducing our all-new and exclusive Nuova Toscana Limoni collection inspired by the renowned Amalfi Coast lemons.
Anyone that has ever visit the striking Italian Amalfi Coast, would immediately understand as there you may find lemons for sale practically everywhere and many stores feature a lemon-design theme being the typical fruit of the region.
Each piece of this collection is masterfully hand painted. Double fired and fully glazed inside and out, they hold water and are great for arranging flowers or as tabletop.
Designed for decorative use but suitable to hold fruits, nuts and of course plants and flower arrangements.
Size: 14" DIAM. X 8" HIGH