LIMONE FIORE: Scented Candle Cinnamon hand poured on reusable bowl LEMON RED

Size: 6"D.x3"H.

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Bring the scent of the Italian Amalfi Coast to your home... Literally!
This is a scented candle hand poured inside a lovely mini cachepot fully reusable for a small plant or as charming candy, chocolate or snack bowl.
This item is part of our all new and exclusive Limone Fiore collection was inspired by the renowned Amalfi Coast lemons...
Anyone that has ever visit the striking Italian Amalfi Coast, would immediately understand as there you may find lemon fruits, cackes, drinks and lemon related products for sale practically everywhere!
Many Amalfi Coast stores feature a lemon-design theme, and some going even to the extent of flavoring their stores with lemon scented candles!
That was a truly unique episode we experienced in one of our "discovery" trip that we wanted to bring back to the USA with these, exclusive and fully usable products!

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The Summer Colors of Sicily!