GAUDI: Shaped Concave Vase "Rocchetto" -

GAUDI: Shaped Concave Vase "Rocchetto"

Size: 9" DIAM. X 18" HIGH
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100% Authentic - Ceramic Hand Painted in Italy!

The Gaudi' collection is part of our new 'Artistica Contempo' division where we feature exclusive and trendy designs while maintaining our traditional handcrafting and hand painted feature.
Expertly hand-painted in Tuscany using traditional Tuscan earth tones in a surprising abstract design, this collection is inspired by the style of the Spanish architect, Gaudi.
The design features the unique interlacing of hand-painted curvilinear shapes in a burst of saturated colors. This meticulously arranged design is trimmed with a modern black and white checkered pattern.
No space is left unpainted on the Gaudi' canisters and vases, with each piece fully decorated on all sides.
Size: 9" DIAM. X 18" HIGH

SKU#: 3062-GAU