ARMONIE: Oil-Vinegar Salt-Pepper Cruet Set

Size: TRAY: 8.5" Diam. - CRUETS: 7"High

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ARMONIE Collection
Armonie, the name of this collection translates to 'harmonies' summarizing the harmonious fashion in which the fruits of this pattern are arranged in this delicate new design.
Our newly introduced Armonie is one of the most popular collections from the renowned manufacturer Simonetti from Castelli, a small village located in the picturesque Abruzzi Italian region.
Like Deruta, Faenza and Vietri, Castelli is another well-known and important town for Italian hand painted ceramics.
This small village, rising on a rock dominated by Mount Camicia, is a favorite destination for tourists and art lovers.
Known since pre-Roman times, in the XI century flourished under the influence of the Benedictine Abbey of San Salvatore, whose monks introduced the local population to ceramics and art that will reach world stature from the XVI century onwards.


The Summer Colors of Sicily!