ALBA LAMP: Wall Sconce Light: Murano W Iron Hand Painted HC Wood

Size: 17"W.x24"H.

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ALBA LAMP Collection:
Wall Sconce Light: Murano/W. Iron/H.Painted/H.C. Wood

Wall Sconce Light: Murano Glass/Wrought Iron/Hand Painted/Hand Carved Wood
Glass elements: Genuine Murano Glass
Hand Painted Wrought Iron and Hand Carved Wood

At Artistica we proudly feature Alba Lamp lighting fixtures designed by Ermenegildo Barzagli, that for over thirty years has been creating stupendous decorative indoor lighting in Florence, Italy.

Alba Lamp products are manufactured with a workmanship and decoration techniques faithful to those of the centuries-old traditions such as hand carved wood parts, gold and silver hand applied leaves, along with hand-painting.

Glass ornaments consist of genuine Swarovski crystals, traditional Bohemian glass, and mouth-blown Murano glass.
All Alba Lamp lighting fixtures are fully compatible with USA electrical receptacles. Furthermore all lighting fixtures are UL approved.


The Summer Colors of Sicily!