AMORE: Silver plated round candle - LINFA soothing fresh scent -

AMORE: Silver plated round candle - LINFA soothing fresh scent

Express your love and affection with a precious AMORE candle!
Scented soothing candles are not just for looks, they present that enviable opportunity to express your love and affection. The best way to do this is using the precious AMORE candles!
Each of our yummy scented candle is silver plated and also accompanied by a Silver Heart Charm, this coupled with a custom LINFA fragrance brings out that heavenly scent in your space.

Our elegant Amore candle package is just like giving away three gifts in one. From the reusable .999 pure silver container to the delightful heart charm, this package is undoubtedly glamorous and refreshing.

Each Amore candle features an exquisite bass relief designer container made from the best resin, ceramic or glass preciously plated with .999 pure fine silver. This ensures that the product is tarnish free with a lifetime guarantee. Also, cleaning has never been easy since all you need is a wet cloth to polish the silver plated surface.

Blending these perfect features with the pleasingly graceful and stylish LINFA scent, your living space will always be endowed with a calming fresh fragrance that will soothe your mind and give you the ultimate comfort.

Amore candles will ultimately transform your room into a more ambient space; they will also create a picture perfect setting of soft glow flickering scented candles thus accentuating your atmosphere like never before.
Amore candles are also the ideal gift for anyone you value and care for.

Size: 4" DIAM. X 4.5" HIGH
LINFA FRAGRANCE: Pure and strong, the Linfa scent fuses white currants with tuberose and cedar wood in a philosophical, floral fragrance.

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