PAVONE DELUXE: Extra Large Oval Platter -

PAVONE DELUXE: Extra Large Oval Platter

Size: 24" X 9.5"
AVAILABLE - We currently have 5 in stock.
100% Authentic - Ceramic Hand Painted in Italy!

The PAVONE is a custom designs created exclusively fir Artistica-Deruta of Italy, featuring colors and motifs to blend with our traditional designs Perugino or Raffaellesco.
The Raffaellesco traces its origin to the 16th century, and the graceful arabesques of Raphael's famous frescoes, the master painter and architect of the Italian High Renaissance.
Hand made in Deruta-Italy.

All our dinnerware collections are Dishwasher Safe as well as 100% Food Safe, and are regularly inspected and tested for compliance with FDA standards.
Not recommended for microwave use.
Size: 26" X 14"

SKU#: PV0065