ART PEN: Artistica FOUNTAIN PEN Ceramic Porcelain Ricco Deruta design

Size: 0.5" DIAM. X 5.5 LONG.


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Experience the pleasure of writing with the first and only Ricco Deruta fountain pen!
Most likely the last time you wrote anything in script (besides signing your name) was long time ago but fountain pen writing may revive such uniquely personal and pleasant experience.  It also make is it a great gift! No matter what the occasion an Artistica's fine a fountain pen will make a lifelong impression.

Artistica's fountain pens feature a sophisticated and elegant European design with a robust, high quality ceramic and metal body and a steel engraved nib for a uniquely smooth and comfortable writing.
€” Perfectly fitted click-off cap.
€” Sturdy ceramic porcelain body.
€” Fired silk screened design with a lifetime guaranteed.
€” Two refill options: Standard long cartridge or traditional Piston Suction Pump that enables you to use any bottled ink.
€” Lifetime warranty included against any type of damage, body or mechanical.
€” High quality components assembled with uncompromising craftsmanship.
€” Lustrous chrome plated gripping section incised with a crisscross subtle line pattern for a secure and firm hold.
€” Pen shipped with one black ink cartridge plus optional piston suction pump.
€” We offer extra ink cartridges as well as bottled ink here below for your convenience.
€” Use 'Waterman' (r) large size standard cartridges (#52021W and 52022W). The optional Piston . The optional Piston Suction Pump accepts any type of fountain pen ink.
€” Measurements. Total length: 5.5'' (142 mm) Body: 1/2'' Diameter (13 mm) Weight: 1.5 Oz.
€” Sold with draw string black velvet pouch. Optional leatherette case available - Select above option.
Size: 0.5" DIAM. X 5.5 LONG.

  • Authenticity assured!
    Hand Painted & Hand Made in Italy! This item is shipped with Artistica's Authenticity Seal and Certificate.

    Some history about Italian Ceramics?
    CLICK HERE should you like to learn about Italian Majolica and ceramics of the Renaissance.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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  • 100% Food Safe
    All Artistica's Dinnerware and Tabletop Products are Guaranteed to be 100% Food Safe. Our manufactures do NOT use any glaze or color pigment with lead content in our dinnerware and tabletop products. We independently inspected and test these products to comply with FDA standards and U.S.A. import regulations for lead and cadmium. See our latest independent laboratory test.

    Dishwasher Safe
    Artistica's tabletop and dinnerware ceramic products are made of the highest quality natural clay glazed and double fired at very high temperature. We recommended to space the items apart to avoid touching each other during the high pressure dish-washing.

    Microwave and Conventional Oven Use
    Artistica's dinnerware products are manufactured to be used as "Serving" pieces and not cookware, and therefore not suitable for conventional oven use. They can be used in Microwave oven for moderate reheating only.As the temperature of certain items may vary after microwave use, we recommend to carefully handle any piece.
  • Product Care for Dinnerware and Tabletop products.
    The crazing effect - With repeated use, earthenware products have a tendency to "craze" (forming minuscule lines in the glazing). The crazing is the nature of earthenware, and has no significant effect on the ceramics and sometimes it is a much sought after effect.

    Thermal Shock and cracking - Avoid sudden temperature changes - A thermal shock is the fracturing effect that occurs when ceramic objects are rapidly either heated or cooled and it may crack any earthenware plate.
  • The beauty of imperfection - Because each piece of Majolica and Ceramic is individually crafted, you will notice slight variations in color and size and occasionally you will note paint smudges, fingerprints and looseness of lids.
    These variances should not be considered as imperfections, but as evidence of fine, hand-crafted work.
  • Some History...
    CLICK HERE should you like to learn about Italian Majolica and ceramics of the Renaissance.