CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT: Deruta Vario Round Ball Large - Green-White-Black- -

CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT: Deruta Vario Round Ball Large - Green-White-Black-Gold (4" Ø)

SKU#: 9343/O-XMS
Size: 3.25" DIAM.

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100% Authentic - Ceramic Hand Painted in Italy!

At Artistica we have been working for many years gathering the most uniquely designed Christmas ornament offered b y the renowned master artisans of Deruta - Italy, and now we are proud to present a full collection of the finest hand painted Christmas ornaments, designed in refined vibrant bright colors that will highlight your Holiday decorations.
These beautiful ornaments are authentic Deruta products exclusively imported by Artistica for the USA market.
Each piece is shipped elegantly boxed and therefore making an exquisite gift item!
Size: 3.25" DIAM.