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Backsplash Panels and Tile Murals, for distinctive homes with a great personality!
An elegant decoration for kitchen backsplash, dining room, fireplace, bathroom, wine bar or outside walls!
Dress up your kitchen or elegantly decorate you home, patio or wine bar, with these masterfully custom-made majolica backsplash panels, each painstakingly hand painted depicting Tuscan landscapes, fruits and flowers.
- Indoor-Outdoor: Guaranteed to withstand extreme heat as well freeze resistant.
- Heat, Cold and stain resistant: Tiles kiln are fired at 1,850° F., therefore colors and glazes are permanently sealed within the tile. Colors and glazing are absolutely not affected by heat, splashing, hot liquids or food.
- Cleaning: Tiles withstand frequent cleaning using an all purpose tile or kitchen cleaner to provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment.
Technical specifications:
- Tile murals are shipped unassembled to be mounted on interior or exterior walls just like any other wall tile.
- Thickness of tiles: A little over half inch (5/8”).
The Beauty of Imperfection…
Our backsplash panels are made using reclaimed Tuscan farmhouse terracotta tiles or hand made tiles, as a result, every piece has to be considered one of a kind.
Small imperfections, such as uneven corners, dots and bubbles in the glaze, non consistency in sizes, and certain variations in sizes and colors are characteristics of the artisan workmanship of these unique products and are not to be considered manufacturing defects.

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