DOLFI BUTTON GREEN: Vase with hand applied buttons motif GREEN

Size: 9" DIAM. X 16.5" HIGH

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100% Authentic - Original - Hand Painted in Italy!
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Established in 1941 the Dolfi factory has been a staple in the Montelupo-Tuscan area with the classic passing down from father to son storyline, as the founder Giovanni Dolfi hand the company over to his son Silvano, which eventually relinquish the same to his two daughters Natalia and Daria (ND Dolfi) currently managing their prestigious company.

Since its inception, the Dolfi products have always been unusual: truly unique in shapes, colors and techniques.
Highly regarded by discriminated buyers, ND Dolfi is a designer more than a ceramic workshop, thus often featured in high fashion US retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Orchow and more.

At Artistica, we are proud to be able to offer you a continuously renewing special selection of Dolfi products exclusively developed for our distinguish clientele, facilitating access to these precious heirlooms to be passed down from one generation to another.
Size: 9" DIAM. X 16.5" HIGH