Majolica Pappagallo




Three masterpieces created by our Italian ''Mastri-Ceramisti'' of Montelupo (Florence) featuring an extremely intricate design where love parrots are parte of the main motif.
The Majolica Pappagallo (Parrot) collection is one of the few collections featured in our exclusive 'Prima Classe' catalog.
The painstakingly hand work hand masterful hand painting of these pieces is truly unique and created exclusively for us by 'old-school' artists with a distinctive talent inherited throughout year of dedication to their artistic tradition, and passed down 'from father to son' by
ancient artisan families.

These Majolica pieces are true classic from Montelupo (Tuscany) and an Artistica’s exclusive, created using the now rare technique called 'Ingobbio'. Prior to first firing, a glaze obtained from a clay of different color is applied only on the exterior part of the object.
This ancient Tuscan process produces an authentic 'Old World' look, and adds significant body to the colors.
You can actually feel the consistent (almost raised) body of the painting when gently passing your hand over decorated parts.
Due to the complexity of both preparation and painting, this technique is now used by very few artisans, which makes these items very hard to find.
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