St. Francis Tiles




In total exclusivity from
Deruta Collezioni
we are proud to introduce the all new

“St. Francis Tiles”
a truly unique product that carries a lot of history…

Of course the St. Francis we are referring to is
“San Francesco da Assisi”
the town of Assisi is just a few miles north of Deruta.

These fully hand painted tiles, are true replicas from those used to pave the St. Francis Church in Deruta, Italy, back in the year 1524, as they are individually hand made using the same technique as that of the anonymous painter of Deruta.

The Church’s floor was covered by a series of tiles in the shape of stars and cross intersected with each other, to form a complex and astonishing artistic masterpiece.
Although these tiles have a common shape typical and diffused between the Muslims pavements, they depicts Christian symbolic and allegorical scenes that seems to recall the frescoes of the College of the Change of Perugia.

Although these tiles are resistant and strong enough to be used in floors, they can also be used as tile-murals and backsplash and even wall hung individually! (See below).
They are made of low fired clay and can be applied just like any flooring or wall tiles.

NOTE: We do carry a limited stock of this precious tiles as they are manufactured only upon request. Please allow 30/60 days for delivery for the out of stock tiles.
Upon request from many of our customers, we are now able to provide these tiles "wall hung ready" applying a thin but strong 3" adhesive disk on the rear of the tile at no extra charge.
<<< Click image to enlarge.
NOTE: Should you like to have your tiles shipped wall-hung-ready, simply mention it on the message box upon check out.

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