Scavo Leone ~

Scavo Leone
The artifacts from the Renaissance “Case Patrizie”
The Scavo Leone Collection products are manufactured to express the simplicity of the everyday pottery used in the Renaissance time.

Perhaps the most important feature of our “Scavo Leone” collection is the unique “lion feet” applied at the bottom of every product, a typical feature that may be found in many middle age vessels designed for the “Nobili” (Noble) upper class.

These specific products where inspired by artifacts found in the renown “Case Patrizie”. These large Villas were built with artistic style only in the Renascence period between XVI and XVIII century, and they are expressions of the styles in that particular period. Usually built in remote areas in the province as they were designed to give pleasure, leisure and most specially rest to the upper class members.
The ring and the scroll motif around it shown in each piece, is to recall the metal ring used outside these buildings to tie the horses or the gondolas in Venice.

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