SAN PETRONIO: Wall Tile (Reprod. from S. Petronio Chapel in Bologna) SNAIL

SAN PETRONIO: Wall Tile (Reprod. from S. Petronio Chapel in Bologna) SNAIL

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These hexagonal wall tiles are reproduction from one of the oldest tile floors designed by Pietro Andrea da Faenza for the Chapel of S. Petronio in Bologna in 1487.
The floor of the San Petronio Chapel comprise of 1,079 hand painted stone tiles with mythological symbols such as the Boar as symbol of strength, rabbit and hare are symbols of fecundity, snail is fertility and patience, lobster is one of the Moon's attributes and reminds to the Cancer sign of the Zodiac and the Unicorn as symbol of pureness and virginity and last the Deer signifying prudence and magnanimity.

Although our San Petronio tiles are suitable for flooring use (they are made in stone and not the more brittle earthenware/terracotta) we offer them as wall decor pieces and are shipped wall hung ready.


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