Microwave and Conventional Oven Use
Artistica's dinnerware products are manufactured to be
used as "Serving" pieces and not cookware, and therefore n
ot suitable for conventional oven use.
They can be used in Microwave oven for moderate reheating only.
As the temperature of certain items may vary after microwave use,
we recommend to carefully handle any piece.

Dishwasher Safe

Care and Use of Your Ceramic Dinnerware
Majolica is a low-fired earthenware and chips more easily than china dinnerware.  All Artistica's dinnerware items are electric dish-washing safe, but it is recommended to place the dishes or ceramics far apart to avoid touching each other during the high pressure dish-washing.

Characteristics of Majolica and Ceramics
With repeated use, Majolica has a tendency to "craze"
(forming minuscule lines in the glazing).
This crazing is the nature of Majolica, and has no significant effect on the ceramics and sometimes it is a much sought after effect... 
Because each piece of Majolica and Ceramic is individually crafted, you will notice slight variations in color and size.
Furthermore, occasionally you will note paint smudges, fingerprints and looseness of lids. These variances should not be considered as imperfections, but as evidence of fine, hand-crafted work.

Earthenware Thermal Shock and cracking.

Avoid sudden temperature changes.
A thermal shock is the fracturing effect that occurs when ceramic objects are rapidly either heated or cooled and it may crack any earthenware plate.

100% Food Safe - 100% Lead Free
All Artistica's Dinnerware and Tabletop Products are Guaranteed to be 100% Food Safe.
Our manufactures do NOT use any glaze or color pigment with lead content in our dinnerware and tabletop products.

Furthermore we independently inspected and test these products to comply with FDA standards and U.S.A. import regulations for lead and cadmium.
See our latest independent laboratory test